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1-yilda YUHUAN CNC MACHINE TOOL kompaniyasidan AQShga jo'natiladigan birinchi nozik sirt silliqlash mashinalari

Vaqt: 2024-01-30 Xitlar : 13

It is Good news in January 2024,The Precision double surface grinding machine YHDM750A and double disc Qattiq pardalash mashinasi YH2M8436C were shipped out from YUHUAN CNC MACHINE TOOL CO.,LTD.

This automation Line with Robort match the high precision double sided grinding lapping machine for remove thickness and get high precision,then Using Double Disc Lapping abraziv mashinasi for surface color and roughness.

This is not just for Knife Blade surface grinding and lapping polishing, also for other workpieces such as retaining rings/piston rings/phone glass/snap rings/ceramic/valve plate etc.

Hope This big manufacturer of Knife Blade can receive the machines soon,we hope our machines can produce more and more good precision valued products for our customers.

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